• Big City Access Scaffolding Rental

    Big City Access

    owns and operates the youngest and most technologically advanced fleet of scaffold related equipment in the region

    Big City Access Scaffolding Rental

    With more than 150 years of combined scaffolding equipment experience, our unmatched knowledge and skill offer the access answers you have been looking for...

    Big City Access Scaffolding Rental

    Our fleet is comprised of basic frame and system scaffolding, a complete line of material handling equipment, suspended scaffolding systems, and trash chutes

    Big City Access Scaffolding Rental

    Safety is our number one priority: Each and every piece of equipment we send into the field meets and/or exceeds ANSI and OSHA standards, allowing us to maintain the highest safety rating available

  • What We Do

    Access Solutions for Any Project

    Big City Access Supported Scaffold

    Supported Scaffolds

    Big City Access carries the safest, most durable and dependable frame and system scaffold products in the industry. Our experience allows us to expertly assist in configuring even the most unique and challenging projects.

    • Canopy Frames: Canopy frames are used on sidewalks, building entrances and exits for pedestrian overhead protection.
    • Stair Towers: Stair Towers Stair rungs inside a scaffold frame create a stair tower to access floors or rooftops


    • Rolling & Stationary Towers: We carry standard steel frame style and ring lock system scaffold towers. Rolling and stationary towers can be erected in various sizes to accommodate your project specifications and create solutions to your access requirements.

    • Accessories: From multiple size crossbraces, to a variety of side and end brackets sizes, outriggers, casters, access ladders, guard rails, guard rail gates and guard rail posts, we carry everything needed to get the job done.




    Big City Access Suspended Scaffold

    Suspended Scaffolds

    Big City Access exclusively carries the Altrex suspended platform systems, which are recognized throughout the world as the standard for the industry.

    The components of the Altrex modular suspended platform system are compact and flexible, which is ideal for temporary applications. Projects where the Altrex can be used are: maintenance, repair and inspection jobs like building facades, curtain walls, stadiums, silos, oil tanks, bridges, etc.


    The benefits of the Altrex platforms are:

    • Modular sections of .5, 1, 2, and 3 meters
    • Corner sections of fixed, 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, and adjustable corners are available
    • Knocks down to completely fit into a truck
    • Lightweight aluminum parts make it easy to handle and carry
    • Quick assembly without any special tools
    • Weight capacities vary with length of stage needed
    • Meets or exceeds the most stringent applicable safety standards
    • Platform: can be configured from 10' to 62' with two hoists.
    • Double-Wide Platform: A double wide suspended platform is 54” wide and allows access to building facades with overhangs, cornices, large soffit areas, etc.
    • Double-Deck Platform: By adding a double deck kit, the standard Altrex modular platform system can be configured into a multi-level platform; this allows workers simultaneous access on two levels.

    A ladder type frame is connected at each end of the platform. By using the trapdoor in the upper deck, the workers can safely climb from one level to another.

    Trash Chutes

    Our trash chutes are made from heavy duty plastic or a scaffold with plywood chute. The ease-of-use and durability provide a quick, clean, and safe solution and have been perfected to provide you with the right tool for debris removal.

    Big City Access Material Hoist

    Material Hoists

    Material hoists provide efficient and safe transport of cargo, tools, construction materials, personnel and construction crews quickly and safely from ground levels to designated heights.

    Big City Access offers a wide variety of hoists with lifting capacities up to 2000 pounds. Our hoists can be mounted on beams attached to scaffolding or to a counterweight system. Additionally, a trolley system allows loads to be delivered to their required location.

    Safety Equipment

    Big City Access offers a diverse line of safety products to be used in conjunction with your scaffolding applications. Personal safety devices such as lifeline anchors, safety lines, rope grabs, harnesses, and shock absorbing lanyards are available for purchase.

    Safety Training

    In order to work safely and efficiently on scaffold, constant care and thought must be given to safe practices.

    To enable all scaffold users to work safely, we offer a broad range of training courses.

    Big City Access is an Accredited Training Institute, authorized by the Scaffold Industry Association to train users and erectors of scaffold. Courses can also be customized to your individual needs.Whether on a jobsite or in a warehouse, extensive hands-on training is provided to customers and employees to increase the safety of their workplace and to ensure OSHA standards are met.

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